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Advanced security system alarm monitoring throughout Auckland and the North Shore

  • For reassurance that someone will respond when your alarm activates

    Have your alarm monitored 24/7

  • Most alarm control panels have an on-board dialler which can be connected to a Monitoring Station. The dialler is capable of monitoring all events including:
    • user identification
    • activations
    • zone identification
    • low battery
    • set/unset
    • mains failure
  • When your alarm activates, signals are sent to the monitoring station and the contact numbers that you have specified are rung in order until contact is made. Also a guard can be despatched if required
  • In a commercial situation we can check that the system has been set at night and contact you. We can also contact you if someone goes into the premises out of hours
  • Alarms can be monitored via the phone line, IP, GSM or Radio Receiver

Call us so we can advise you on the best way to monitor your security system

Benefits of having your alarm system monitored

  • when your alarm activates, you are assured something is done about it
    eg – phone you, phone neighbour or relative, send a guard
  • know how many sensors have activated (one might be a false alarm, several indicates someone is moving around inside your property)
  • insurance premiums are usually lower if you have a monitored alarm
  • in a commercial/business situation – know who is going in/out and at what times
  • short term holiday monitoring can be arranged

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