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Keep your home safe and secure with a full house alarm system in Auckland

The Security Company supports all brands of home alarm systems and provides independent, unbiased recommendations for your needs, environment and budget.

New and existing residential alarms, new builds, rental properties.

Residential security alarms are there first and foremost:

  • to protect you and your family
  • to protect your property; your premises and the contents therein

The important factors to consider when choosing an alarm system for your home are:

  • reliability
  • ease of use

Good quality, reliable home alarm systems minimise the risk of false alarms.

We place emphasis on careful selection of intruder detection components appropriate for your lifestyle requirements.

  • Do you want to leave your pet in the house when you go out?
  • Do you want to be able to set your alarm at night? Perimeter Security
  • Do you have high value assets that need extra protection?
  • Do you want your alarm monitored so you have the reassurance that someone will respond if your alarm activates? Click here for more details

We will visit your home or view your plans before making our recommendations as to the best security available for the property layout and the way you use your home.

Call us for your free no obligation assessment of your security needs


We recommend that you have your residential alarm serviced annually. You need to know that it's working, before you have a problem or burglary.

We can remind you when a service is due – Register for our Routine Service Programme

Benefits of having your alarm serviced

  • Reduce false alarms
  • Ensure your alarm is working correctly, for when you need it

How servicing your alarm works

  • We check and clean all sensors – for alertness and range of coverage
  • Load test your alarm battery – as a low battery can cause false alarms and beeping at night, plus your battery needs to hold up when mains power is off (eg power cut) or when the alarm activates
  • Check your sirens are working – external siren may be faulty due to environmental damage
  • Test your smoke detectors (accurately, with smoke spray)
  • Test signals to the monitoring station

Serving Albany | Glenfield | Takapuna | Devonport | Torbay | Mairangi Bay | North Shore | Auckland | West Auckland | Henderson | Te Atatu | Hobsonville

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